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Dental Prophylaxis

A dental prophylaxis treatment is the technique we perform to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums.  Cleanings are essential for treating and halting the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease and help maintaining exceptional oral health.

woman smiling

Why are Regular Cleanings Important?

Having your teeth cleaned professionally is crucial to maintaining a healthy smile. Regular cleanings allow a more comprehensive look at and cleaning of hard-to-reach places and are performed to prevent and/or eliminate tooth decay or gum disease. We recommend our patients receive regular cleanings twice annually. Although gum disease and periodontal disease cannot be completely cured, regular cleanings are the most effective measure you can take to prevent their progression.

Benefits of Proper Professional Cleanings

  • Keeping hard-to-reach places clean and free of bacteria.
  • Eliminating plaque. Keeping tartar, otherwise known as calculus, from accumulating below and above the gum line helps to prevent periodontal disease.
  • Decreasing yellow staining and increasing a brighter, cleaner smile!
  • Fresh breath. Bad breath is often a sign of periodontal disease. Keeping the mouth as clean as possible contributes to fresh breath!
  • + Many more benefits! For more information regarding the benefits of regular dental cleanings, ask our dental professionals!

Your Solution to a Better Smile