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Dental Lasers at El Portal Dental Group

A true breakthrough has been made in the field of dentistry: dental lasers replacing the dental drill. Solea® is the first CO2 dental laser that is approved by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. As the number-one-selling all-tissue laser, Solea redefines “pain-free dentistry.” It’s fast, accurate, and a unique experience that patients are loving!

After years of development, Convergent Dental has invented this solution to avoid painful Novocain shots for dental work. Many patients don’t need anesthesia when having a procedure done with Solea.

Solea removes the need for painful anesthesia shots and drilling and replaces them with a painless, computer-guided laser that can be used in nearly every dental procedure!

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Happy Dental Patients

Solea is the laser miracle that everyone has been waiting for! In virtually every procedure done in a dental office, Solea can replace the noise of drilling and the uncomfortable sensations. This system removes the need for anesthesia because it is no longer necessary – the patient remains comfortable. Patients who have experienced the benefits of the Solea system rave about the results, and many say that afterward, it feels like they never went to the dentist.

How the Dental Laser Works

Developed in Boston, the Solea CO2 laser is based on research conducted at the University of California School of Dentistry. Solea uses a wavelength that is capable of vaporizing a tooth’s enamel painlessly, allowing dentists to skip the anesthesia – making for shorter, painless visits that will leave patients smiling.

The Solea system can be used for everything from simple cavities to complex surgical procedures. Solea’s results surpass all expectations of speed, simplicity, and computer-assisted accuracy!

Controlled by a variable speed-controlled footswitch, a dentist can transition easily from working on hard tissues like enamel to softer tissues like gums by simply easing the pressure on the footswitch.

Results Speak Volumes

The software used in Solea is constantly being updated since it is connected to Wi-Fi. Being a computer-guided laser technology that can be used for any type of dental work, continual software updates keep Solea at the forefront of the dental industry.

While Solea is still relatively new, people who know of its capabilities are quickly transitioning their dental offices to offer the Solea laser system. Dental offices having Solea are reporting skyrocketing growth in their practice and a very high rate of referrals by satisfied patients.

The numbers speak volumes. Solea is changing the way people feel about going to the dentist!

Experience Solea in Merced, California

Discover the benefits of Solea at El Portal Dental Group and experience a truly pain-free dental visit. We are one of the few practices that offer the Solea system. Call us at 209-385-1479 or request an appointment online and experience the benefits of painless Solea dentistry!

Your Solution to a Better Smile